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Dunscroft Teenager sentenced


A Doncaster teenager caught raiding a gun shop has been locked up for over two years after he was stopped in the act by officers who raced to apprehend him.

After an urgent 999 call alerted officers to a break-in at a gun shop in Finningley, firearms officers raced to the scene and spotted a black Honda trying to escape the industrial compound.

Using specialist tactics, they managed to block the Honda to prevent it from leaving the area before opening the door and arresting the balaclava-clad man driving the vehicle.

That man was 18-year-old Kodi Singleton, who was pulled from the vehicle and detained by officers who then searched the Honda and found a box full of shotgun cartridges.

Singleton, of Bootham Crescent, Stainforth, was arrested and taken into custody before being charged with burglary. He was sentenced to two years and one month in a young offenders institution at Sheffield Crown Court last week.


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