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Community concerns - speeding vehicles

Our speeding operations in and around Thorne and Moorends have continued this week.


On Wednesday afternoon officers from your Doncaster East neighbourhood policing team attended Marshland road in Moorends,  100 vehicles were monitored with five drivers advised in relation to their speed, this a reduction on our figures from last week.


On Thursday morning officers attended Southend in Thorne between 8am and 9.30am – 85 vehicles were monitored, 14 drivers were stopped and advised in relation to their driving, a further four drivers traveling over the limit will be referred to the speed camera partnership for further action.


During Saturday afternoon officers conducted a further speeding operation on King Edward road in Thorne, 60 vehicles were monitored with four drivers being advised regarding their speed.


All the feedback from local residents has been positive, these speeding operations are undertaken for three key reasons:


Public Safety: Speeding is a leading cause of traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities. By enforcing speed limits, we aim to reduce the likelihood of accidents and protect public safety on the roads.


Deterrence: Visible enforcement of speed limits acts as a deterrent, discouraging drivers from exceeding speed limits in the first place. The presence of Police officers conducting speed checks reminds drivers to adhere to traffic regulations.


Community Concerns: We are aware that speeding is a concern raised by communities and residents, especially in areas where speeding poses a particular risk, such as such as the three locations above. We have responded to these concerns by conducting targeted speeding operations.


We are aware of other locations that have been mentioned by concerned residents, please reply to this message to make us aware of a location that is of concern to you.


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