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Sticky situation - Off Road vehicles

We are seeing an increase in vehicles being used off road in Hatfield and Dunscroft.

We are receiving reports that vehicles are being used on open land around the Moto service station and the Stainforth Pit top.

Much of this is private land and not intended for vehicle use. 

This kind of activity is not only dangerous but can be considered as antisocial behaviour. This activity is also damaging farmers fields and destroying the local wildlife!


The picture below demonstrates the difficulties you may find yourself in if you choose to use your vehicle on land it was never designed for.

 This really hasn’t gone well and the BMW driver has found himself in a sticky situation! I hope the driver didn’t have their best white trainers on!


Please do not use any cars/bikes/quads on private land. If you witness this kind of activity please report using 101 with as much detail as possible about the vehicle, so we can take the necessary action.


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